Intruder Alarms

Adept Security Systems leading intruder detection systems help protect your business from robbery and larceny under any condition. Adept supply a range of alarms all complying with the latest British Standards and are NSI Gold certified:

  • Commercial Alarms
  • Domestic Alarms
  • Double Action Hold up alarms
  • Panic Alarms
  • Critical Plant Monitoring
  • Smoke Screens

Our system designer will specify your system in accordance with a free of charge site survey, full risk assessment and details of the clients requirements and any Insurance requirements. All systems give peace of mind that Adept Security Systems are always there.

Our systems have many options regarding signalling, all signals are received by a partnering NSI Gold Alarm receiving centre:

  • Dualcom various grades
  • Redcare GSM
  • Police Response via URN
  • Redcare Classic
  • Keyholder Response
  • Speech Dialler
  • An many other depending on client requirements


Adept’s range of control systems are user friendly and employ the latest micro-circuit technology. Our Honeywell range of control systems operate in accordance with the EN50131 / PD6662 European Standards.

Smoke Security

Adept Smoke Cloak is a proven Smoke security system which produces a dense, harmless vapour reducing visibility to practically zero in less than 60 seconds. This disorientates burglars and safeguards premises until the emergency services arrive.

If you would like to discuss your requirements in more detail please telephone our offices or fill out the enquiry form to the right.

Police Response

An alarm is only as good as the response it initiates. Adept provide a comprehensive alarm monitoring and response service. Once an intrusion has been detected, a signal is transmitted to the NSI… More