Fire Detection

Fire Detection, Smoke Alarm & Fire Alarm Systems

Adept-fire-DetectorNo matter what your assets are worth, people’s lives are the most valuable, Adept Fire Detection systems help protect businesses and homes against more than just flames; they provide many different prevention solutions, We take responsibility for every stage of system development and implementation, surveys, system design, Installation, commissioning, monitoring and ongoing maintenance service for your new or existing fire detection system.

We have many years experience whatever the size and complexity of the fire detection system, addressable or analogue for small, large, single or multiple sites and large networked products and software. The in house design team will provide you with a ‘value for money’ fire solution that is Installed and maintained by our highly skilled engineers.

The government recommends that all fire safety system providers should be able to prove competence.

We are accredited by NSI and BAFE SP203 and are independently audited to ensure compliance with all four categories of the scheme, so choosing us as a provider ensures that you are meeting government guidelines. To achieve these accreditation’s we have to continuously demonstrate the highest level of competency and professional working practices. This also means all insurance companies, without exception, recognise us as an approved Installer.

We are experienced in working with both end users and contractor’s to ensure that projects are completed on time and within budgets. An annual maintenance agreement is a worthwhile investment providing you with peace of mind knowing that our engineers are on standby 24 hours a day to ensure that you and your systems are supported within 4 hours.

Who should be involved in identifying the appropriate system?

13572481_xlThere are many other parties that need to be involved with making sure the Fire Detection solution provided is suitable for your business needs as the system designer (Adept) are not expected to have the required expertise in the principles of fire safety & to make any decisions in this respect. The responsibility sits with the fire safety specialist & any other interested parties rather than the Fire Alarm System specialist.
The information available & communication between the fire safety specialist & the fire system designer will result in a category of system required to provide a suitable level of cover & response.

Other interested parties who may be involved in the decision making process include;


  • The Building Designer
  • The Enforcing Authority for Fire Safety Legislation
  • Building Control Body
  • Site Specific Fire Risk Assessor / Assessment
  • Fire Safety Consultant
  • Building Owner
  • Insurance Company

We can help to point you in the right direction with what necessary steps to take and who should be involved based upon your circumstance. Please contact us if you would like any further information or a free consultation about the best solution for you.