Remotely Monitored CCTV

Remotely Monitored CCTV

What is remotely monitored CCTV?

surveillance-adeptThe CCTV system is linked to the NSI Gold Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) via a broadband & or 4G/5G  connection. The ARC then responded to activation’s a fraction of the cost of traditional security measures such as manned guards.

Experienced operators trained to the highest standards use the latest monitoring technology to assess images and incident information to determine the course of action to be taken. Where necessary the emergency services would be notified of any intrusions.

why have your CCTV REMOTELY MONITORED BY An arc?

We are able to achieve national coverage with police response when appropriate. CCTV on its own can be a useful deterrent to crime. CCTV combined with a professionally delivered NSI Gold ARC, however, takes the effectiveness of CCTV to a new level as well as reducing costs.

How does it work?

When a detection device is linked to the CCTV system a reactive automatic call is triggered (by any number of detection devices), pictures are automatically transmitted using the communication path and received at the monitoring station. At this point an operator reviews the images, assesses what is happening and determines what action to take. This may involve alerting a nearby mobile patrol or the police or simply warning off the Intruders by an audio real-time warning. The result – the intruders leave or are caught on the site.


  • ipad-monitoringAccess to video images are available via Broadband & or 4G/5G connection
  • Connectivity can be available using mobile applications for management purposes
  • Real time audio communication & broadcast real time audio messages to the protected site.
  • Pre & post activation analysis of video images & archived images from the onsite DVR / Hard Drive.

Where CCTV is required to be remotely monitored to protect assets we normally suggest that the all site protection systems including Intruder Alarms, Fire Detection Alarm Systems & Access Control should be monitored by the same professional NSI Gold Approved monitoring centre.

This is to ensure comprehensive live information is available to the operators monitoring the premises, to enable exacting procedures to be carried out in the event of incidents at the protected premises.