IP CCTV or IP Surveillance is a system that allows you to transmit CCTV images to your PC or integrated network using IP addressable cameras / servers, thus saving on expensive cabling. Each camera has its own address and can be accessed, via central management software, by several users in any location on any network or on the Internet, using PCs, laptops etc.

Adept / IP Surveillance cost savings

Many cost and technology advantages exist in an IP surveillance system over DVR systems with analogue cameras. These can include:

  • Lower installation costs, as IP eliminates the need for dedicated video cabling.
  • System is based on IP standards: cameras are easy to connect and offer remote accessibility which is different from traditional CCTV.
  • Integrates with existing CCTV systems and equipment.
  • Smarter network cameras take on much of the work of the DVR and include functions such as time scheduling, targeting higher frame rates, motion detection triggering and more.
  • Highly scalable solutions, with no maximum number of cameras.
  • Remote accessibility and remote storage means IP network video is inherently more reliable and secure.
  • Apart from security, applications such as process control, integration with databases, employee training etc. can cut costs and enhance revenue.

IP (Internet Protocol) is the language used by all network devices to communicate and exchange data. Each device on an IP network carries a unique IP address allowing direct communication between several networks. By utilising the IP infrastructure for applications such as CCTV, Access Control, Lighting Control, IP Telephony etc, all of these technologies can work together as a complete solution.

IP networks are becoming increasingly important. Already acknowledged as a key part of any company’s IT infrastructure, the development of IP enabled building management systems, CCTV and access systems is placing greater emphasis on the planning and design of a common network infrastructure for buildings. By considering the total IP networking requirements at the outset of a project the business is more likely to save in terms of both the capital (up-front) costs of the infrastructure and the operating costs.

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