CCTV & Surveillance

CCTV Installation and Monitoring

Based in Wolverhamton and covering Birmingham, the West Midlands and the UK, Adept Security Systems specialise in the Design, Installation, Servicing and Remote Monitoring of Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) Systems.

ipad-monitoringReasons for CCTV Installation:

  • Strong deterrent for internal and external company theft and fraud.
  • Gives your business full security coverage.
  • Professional CCTV system installation and monitoring will dramatically reduce crime levels. Reductions as high as 90% have been recorded where CCTV systems have been installed.
  • Using the latest technology you are now able to view your CCTV from anywhere in the world via compatible tablet or smartphone.

Why choose us for your CCTV Installation?

Using a wide range of equipment, from digital recorders to networked hard drives, touch screen systems, monitors and much more, teamed with certified monitoring stations and key holders, Adept Security Systems can give your business full security coverage.

Our solutions offer the facility to view real time and archived images locally and across a network, giving the ability to view your site from your laptop or mobile phone wherever you are, also giving the ability to view multiple sites from one point.

Adept CCTV systems are supported by appropriate professional installation codes of practice & British Standards & European Standards as follows:

Adept-cctv-surveillance-2CCTV SYSTEMS: NCP 104 & BSEN 50132-7
Standalone Systems (Non Monitored)

CCTV SYSTEMS: NCP 104 & BSEN 50132-7
Detector activated & (Including remote monitoring)

CCTV SYSTEMS: BS8418:2010 High Security System
for Remotely Monitored Detector Activated CCTV
Capable of Achieving (URN Guaranteed Police Response)

At Adept we have specialised in the design, installation and servicing of CCTV systems throughout our business life. Our system designers have over 40 years of experience with CCTV technology and are continually being trained with the latest technological developments.

CCTV Controls

CCTV controls can be configured to memorise any locations to increase protection of targeted ‘priority’ areas. Controls can be configured & tailored to provide unrivalled surveillance of manned or unmanned sites.

CCTV Cameras

Adept Security Systems offer a complete range of CCTV cameras from brand name manufacturers providing colour images under the most demanding conditions.

CCTV Recording & Storage

Digital technology is available to provide high quality images & high frame rate recording with enhanced & refined hard drive usage using motion detection / conditional refresh – motion JPEG or full frame JPEG MPEG 4 H264 compression technologies are all available @ 2CIF 4CIF qualities.

Adept Security Systems only use professional industrial hard drives which provide longevity of usage. All systems are designed using the Police Scientific Development Branch Guide lines on performance, complying with the current British Standards the Data Protection Act 2008.

Camera technology may be put into categories based on capabilities, For example:

  • Day Light Colour Cameras Or Monochrome Cameras
    which operate under daylight or artificial overt lighting conditions
  • True Day Night Cameras (Colour & Monochrome )
    which operate under daylight or artificial overt lighting conditions providing colour images & or monochrome images when lighting conditions are unable to support colour images
  • Infra -Red Night Time Cameras (In Monochrome)
    which provide colour images under daylight or artificial lighting conditions or covert Infrared lighting conditions providing monochrome images
  • Thermal Imaging Cameras (No lighting Required)
  • ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) Cameras
    which operate under daylight or covert lighting conditions, providing colour images & monochrome images when lighting conditions are unable to support colour images. These cameras are calibrated to deliver the appropriate images based on predetermined fixed distances & the speed of the vehicle travelling.

Camera technology is historically available in analogue & digital formats which are the normative CCTV system, which is terminated at 75 Ohms providing a 1 volt peak to peak video signal at the display & recording equipment.

New technological developments into High Definition CCTV is providing huge benefits in the quality of images & recorded video data from Mega Pixel cameras.

Mega Pixel cameras offer the clients the capability to install fewer CCTV cameras in certain applications & achieving vastly improved real-time & encoded images, and in some cases negating the requirement for conventional Pan Tilt Zoom cameras

Dedicated IT data networks using Local Area & Wide Area Networks normally support HD-CCTV in most cases the bandwidth required is far higher than that normally available. So in most cases we install a dedicated network to support HD-CCTV

Important points which should be considered when designing any system include:

  • Lighting during the hours of darkness.
  • Number of Cameras.
  • Recording Quality – Images per Second – Resolution of Recording.
  • Period of archived images / Buffer in Hard Drive before loss of data occurs.
  • What is the system to be used for, what is the system to achieve for you the client.

We provide CCTV installation locally across the West Midlands including Birmingham and Wolverhampton, as well as providing national coverage across the UK. Please browse the following links to find out more about the CCTV-IP solutions and remote monitoring of your CCTV installation.

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