IP Access Control

IP Access Control

IP Access Control – Control your estates across the WAN

Imagine an access control system that runs on a common IT server, uses the corporate network for all communications and is completely cabled with structured network cable right down to the door. You only have to look at the trends toward IP-based cameras and video systems to see the wave of the future. The reasons are clear: a single cabling system, lower installation costs, lower management costs, better reliability, increased flexibility and full use of the infrastructure the company has already paid for.

The IT world brings us a number of other technologies that will make our systems simpler, safer and more secure. For example, simple network management protocol (SNMP) allows each device on the network to be monitored for standard maintenance and performance issues. Adept new technology that promises to dramatically simplify installation and improve reliability is Power over Ethernet, which allows us to use our patented technology to send power to operate the door electronics down the same wire as the Ethernet signal. It is already being used to power IP video cameras.

The result is that the security hardware becomes just one more network device being monitored by IT with simple integration between devices so that our systems become more intelligent. With XML technology, devices can communicate using established web protocols so that applications such as lighting, access control and surveillance can be integrated. IP systems offer better security. Standard network encryption technologies such as AES and 3DES are widely available and proven.

IP industry leaders offer Intelligent Physical Security / Building Management Solutions

Over the past two years Adept Security Systems have been working very closely with only the best manufacturers to deliver ground-breaking IP solutions.

An Intelligent Infrastructure Management System can make these processes more efficient. Adept have been installing IT infrastructures for over 10 years and will be happy to assist in defining your requirements or work to an existing specification. We have the capacity and resources to carry out major projects as well as the focus and individuality to offer a dedicated service for smaller works.