Access Control

Access Control solutions from Adept Security Systems can help you limit and monitor access to your business whatever the size.

Benefits to an access control system include:

  • Workplace safety
  • Avoid expensive re-keying
  • Restriction to sensitive or private areas.

adept-facilities-managementWe are experienced in the design, installation and servicing of high performance people flow control technology including: Audio / Video Intercom / Proximity / Mag-stripe / Barcode / Weigand / Token Readers. For the higher security applications biometric technology is available.

With capability to control Locking devices, Turnstiles, Fast Lanes, Barriers, Gates, Rising Kerbs etc., all systems are able to be designed to operate as simple standalone technology or PC based systems for the larger administration & management resources. The threat of physical damage to valuable equipment, records and data theft by criminals or discontented employees happens all the time. Restricting personnel, contractors or visitors’ access to building or areas is becoming crucial.

Adept access control systems provide various technologies including:

  • Audio Door Entry
  • Video & or Audio Door Entry
  • PIN only readers
  • Pin & or Proximity Card / Token Readers
  • Biometric Reading Technology
  • Photo ID Card Manufacture / Printing

Audio / Video Door Entry / PIN

Adept provide systems for apartments / multi tenanted / and occupied business buildings across the spectrum. From high quality apartments to housing trust and multi occupied flats. The ability for visitors / residents to communicate audibly, with or without video images confirming the visitor identity and with the capability to unlock secure entrance doors or gates as required, is considered a standard practice these days.

  1. Proximity Card / Token Readers
  2. Photo ID card Manufacture / Printing
  3. Biometric Reading Technologies available including:
  • Voice Recognition
  • Finger Print Recognition
  • Hand Print Recognition
  • Optical Iris Recognition

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IP Access Control

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