Is you business protected? 2010

Many companies do not consider the full implications of a break-in or a fire until it’s too late.

Businesses are targets of crime, which costs companies millions of pounds every year. And the financial consequences of a fire can be even more devastating with many businesses never fully recovering.

It is essential that as an employer you take responsibility for your fire and security requirements. It is important when choosing a security or fire protection service provider that they install and maintain your systems in accordance with the required industry standards.
NSI approved companies meet the standards demanded by the police, fire service and insurance industry to reduce the risks and keep insurance premiums at a minimum.

What do you need?
Intruder Alarms – Monitored alarms can provide a fast police response.
CCTV -Watch over your site and record intruder activity for evidence.
Access Control – Allow only your staff to access your premises.
Manned Security – Guard your premises with fully security-vetted personnel.
Alarm Receiving Centre– Filter out false alarms before alerting the relevant emergency service.
Fire Detection – Protect your assets, staff and visitors with an effective Fire detection system.