Wolverhampton Homes

The management organisation was created to take on the management of the Wolverhampton City Council housing stock.

Following assessments and consultation by Health & Safety professionals & the local Fire Officers.

A review of the Automatic Fire Detection systems of Multi Occupancy & Sheltered Accommodation was undertaken.

Following this stage the procurement process singled out Adept Security Systems Ltd to partner Wolverhampton Homes & provide suitably acceptable fully BAFE SP203 certificated automatic fire detection systems.

Issues to resolve:

  • To retain the existing systems until the new systems were fully commissioned & operational.
  • Cabling & high level buildings disruption to decoration
  • Tight time scales for implementation
  • Disruption to Residents to a minimum.
  • Diversity of Residents & Communication issues
  • First project completed was a conventional addressable solution hard wired which was time consuming & expensive.
  • Improved Delivery


By partnering with EMS a manufacturer of High Quality Radio Fire Detection & Control Equipment were able to subsequently save on budget & time scales for completion.

Full Successful Radio Field Tests were carried out during the design process to ensure achievement of the BS5839 L2 Criteria.

Not only was the Multi Site installation successfully completed on time & to budget it was also completed with minimal disruption to residents.